BSD Revolution Hub  ¥43780円(税込み)

カセットハブのような感触、カセットハブと同じ重量、カセットハブのようなペダルギャップ、カセットハブのようなサウンドのフリーコースターハブ。 過去2年間に渡って厳密にテストされており、ユニークで革新的プラネタリークラッチシステムを利用した最新アイテムです。

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– 30% lighter than conventional freecoaster hubs.
– No gap when pedalling forward.
– Eradicates unwanted engagement on rollbacks.
– Feels and sounds like a cassette hub.
– No need for oversized hub bearings due to low axial load.
– Supertough hollow male 14mm chromo axle.
– BSD hubguards included.


– Drive side Flange diameter 67mm
– Spoke hole pitch circle diameter 58mm
– Non drive side Flange diameter 54mm
– Spoke hole pitch circle diameter 45mm
– Center to flange 26mm

– Clutch: Planetary System
– Shell: 6061-T6 Alloy Drilled For 36 Spokes
– Axle: Hollow 14mm 4140 Heat Treated Chromo with 6mm hex ends
– Wheelnuts: 4130 Heat Treated Chromo
– Drive Side: RHD / LHD
– Drive Side Hubguard: Jersey Barrier Drive Side
– Non-Driveside Hubguard: Jersey Barrier West Coaster Plastic Only
– Weight: 468g without hubguards